Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK

2001, Tugboat 8.5

Czasem sen staje się jawą.

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From: Borys
To: múm ?
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 6:18 PM
Subject: thank you


My name is Borys and I come from Poland.
I would like to thank you for an incredibly beautiful album, which is
"Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK".
I feel shocked after the tragedy in New York.
And coincidently, this day (September 11th) was also the day I heard this
astonishing piece of music by Mum for the first time.
It is so human and so warm.
I thought that my heart would melt.
And, yesterday has been dramatic,
but I hope that today is going to be OK.

I wonder how do you get that "something" in Iceland.
I thought that Sigur Ros' Agaetis Byrjun was one of the most beautiful
albums of 2000, and so I think of your record in this year.
Could you tell me if you all (artists, musicians) know each other in Iceland?
I have read a "thankyou" sent to "Jonsi og Sigur Ros" on the cover of the album.
If so, than it is understable for me, beacause all Icelandic artists I know
have one thing in common: this rare touching sensitiveness.

While I am a great fan of Icelandic music, I would still like to ask you
for some other names of bands and artists from your country,
who make such wonderful music that you or Sigur Ros.
Thank you.

Do you still consider Björk as an Icelandic artist, or is she a part of
British music for you now?

Thank you once again for this amazing piece of art that you made.

Many greetings,

Borys from Warsaw (Poland)

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From: múm ?
To: Borys
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 2:06 PM
Subject: I as ively usic

Hallo Borys.

Nice to hear from you. We are very glad that you like our musik and that it
has found it´s way to Poland. We really hope to play Warsaw and Krokow, when
we tour next time and we have gotten contact with promoters. Two of us, me
and Kristin from the band had a holiday in Swinouscé this summer and we were
really really happy and we want to see all of Poland. We also feel we have a
cultural connection with Poland because of Prins Polo, which has always been
the traditional candy bar in Iceland. When we were in Poland we checked on
the back of it and the words were in Icelandic there as well. Gladness. But
it is to bad that Kraft the american company has bought it out. We don´t
like big brands like Kraft.

Well, Icelandic musik is blooming these days, so you might here of some
other really good bands. I am especially looking forward to an album from a
band called Apparat Organ quartet and an EP from this guy called Borko. Most
everybody is friends here in Reykjavik and everybody knows each other. And,
yes we do consider Björk still being Icelandic, she still lives here and
comes to concerts and takes part. But she is like the biggest national hero
here and she is praised beyond belief.

Well it was nice to hear from you maybe we will see you in Poland someday,

bless bless,

örvar and múm

Borys Dejnarowicz    
25 listopada 2001
Zbigniew Stonoga"Uśmiechnij Się"